Rick Owens SS16 Runway

In his SS16 menswear collection entitled “Cyclops” Rick Owens expounds on his notion of the M65 jacket mixed in with inspiration from two of his favorite artists John Chamberlain and Steven Parrino. Owens loves the idea of the M65 as a utilitarian uniform that became a symbol of the antiestablishment. In a manner only he could conceive, Owens deconstructed and recreated the garment in materials ranging from painted canvas to transparent leather. Interspersed with the rigid form of these jackets were draped pieces that recreated the textures of Chamberlain and Parrino artworks in a mélange of fabrics. What this collection really seems to represent though, is the unique antiestablishment uniform that Owens as created with his brand.  Each new collection continues to expound upon and finesse the “Avant-Goth” aesthetic that has become Owens’ signature. It is most thrilling to see the army of Owens clad fashion folk congregating together at his shows. The congregation of Owens devotees draped in their black “uniforms” is a testament to the cult of fashion the designer has created around himself that ebbs against the tide of the fashion “establishment.”

-Samm MackinMU7A4781



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