New Designer Feature: Thamanyah


Combining Middle Eastern traditions with European craftsmanship Ahmed Abdelrahman of Thamanyah has created a menswear collection that is rooted in heritage yet refreshingly modern. The signature piece of the Thamanyah collection is Abdelrahman’s reinvention of the kandora, an ankle length robe traditionally worn by men in the Middle East. Traveling back and forth from the UAE to Europe Abdelrahman originally conceived a collection of kandoras for himself to wear while traveling and not just back home in Dubai. It was Michele Lamy, Rick Owen’s collaborator and wife, who encouraged Abdelrahman to turn this personal project into a fashion line. The two met at the gym and Lamy has been Thamanyah’s biggest champion ever since. The strength of the brand though truly lays in the clothes themselves they, which are minimal yet daring. Thamanyah’s pieces are striking in their architectural simplicity yet they are steeped with tradition. It is inspiring to see Abdrelrahman bring a new point of view into the fashion arena by looking back into his own cultural heritage.


-Samm Mackin




*David Shot in the Marlene Dietrich Suite at Paris’ Hotel Lancaster by Matthew Reeves for Gallery Aesthete