PFW14: Rick Owens

Last year during fashion week, Rick Owens told that he was known for three things, “The big coat, the big boots, the big T-shirt.”  While critics argue they see nothing groundbreaking this season from the designer, the general consensus is that Rick Owens already shattered the earth with his signature style.  His unique eye embellishes basics;  every season houses the simplistic beauty of his vision.  Gallery Aesthete//Rick Owens FW14Often times, conceptual designers stretch their creativity to meet an industry standard of shock.  The business of fashion has long encouraged “newness,” and as a result many great designers have fallen short.  Designing for the time rather than building and reforming a pure vision has led many to fall short of flawless intricacy that may have been present had the garments been regarded as unique pieces of art as opposed to trend setting products.  Gallery Aesthete//Rick Owens FW14

Rick Owens has truly inspired a movement in fashion and has little interest in the boundaries that a designer is expected to stay within, regardless of timelines and catwalks.  These are his lifeworks and above all, he remains true to his aesthetic.  Rick Owens transcends the concept of reinventing himself to meet the expectations of institution; and that renegade attitude is exactly what fueled his anti-fashion revolution.

Gallery Aesthete//Rick Owens FW14Rick Owens AW14 delivers the continuity we crave, balancing his stark aesthetic with the sanctity of familiarity.  Gallery Aesthete//Rick Owens FW14

What the prototypical designer did deliver were ideal representations of his style and his brand.  All hail the king for doing exactly what we wanted him to do this year: bring us more perfect cuts, massive shirts, massive boots, and massive coats.  Not to mention an ample amount of leather, obscure muted color palette, and some tufts of exquisite fur.  Gallery Aesthete//Rick Owens FW14

Gallery Aesthete//Rick Owens FW14