PFW14: Julius


Glitch, the theme of Julius’ fW14 presentation comes from the German word ‘glitschen,’ meaning ‘to slip. Slipping through time a hard strobe pulsates furiously while electronic noise snaps in sequence to form a moment of light and dark, harsh noise and dead silence, each reinforcing the others purpose. The models, removed from qualifications of gender, slip through a Hegelian field of both being and nothing.

JuliusJuliusJuliusJulius  Precise lines and elongated silhouettes merge with pagoda shouldered cocoons insulating the antagonism of a noisy world. The repeating glitches of contrasting sequences coalesce to form coherence merging technology and tradition into a single space where references of architecture from the past meets the fabric of the future. Glitch is a proposition of juxtaposing moments that coalesce into a coherent reality creating a dialogue of necessary duality.  

JuliusJuliusJulius Julius

All images courtesy of Julius